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De Rungs Architects

We are a collaborative architecture studio based in Mexico City.

Our vision regarding the development of any type of project is to start with a concept that responds to the client's needs, style, objective, and essence, creating the identity and unique image of each development. Following the conceptual project, we create a schematic project in which we strategically land the idea to maintain functionality and efficiency. Subsequently, we carry out the architectural project, which is viable for construction and costs, and we innovate while considering self-sustaining systems. Finally, we create the construction documents, designing every detail to achieve harmony and general integration in all deliverables.


Having experience in construction and architectural supervision, our approach is to optimize the distribution of habitable spaces from the beginning, selecting ideal materials and considering the timing of construction activities for efficient and practical project execution. This way, we can generate efficient, organized, integrated, and high-quality design projects, always adapted to the client's budget, creating cutting-edge projects.



De Rungs Architects recognizes the importance of "coworking" and "networking" with different architecture and design firms to provide better service to clients. Therefore, several alliances were created with the goal of supporting ourselves, always with the highest quality possible in all work areas, from creating the image to the executive architectural project and construction execution.

De Rungs Architects has collaborated with several firms according to the scale of the project. We currently have alliances with Firmaa, Taller Artigas Pereznie-to, and Serrano Monjaraz, which, by adding knowledge, experience, projects, and contacts, allow us to create more high-quality projects with guaranteed results.



Currently, we live in a collective world where we need everyone to add up and grow. Therefore, De Rungs Architects is interested in collaborating with any firm, client, and/or individual.


Alexander De Rungs


ETH Zurich - UPM Madrid

Master in Collective Housing

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Course: "Real Estate Finance"

Course: "Comprehensive Finance"

Universidad Iberoamericana

Bachelor's Degree in Architecture.

Honorable mention in thesis.

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